Policy Statement on Quality, Environment, Health & Safety

The business of Gamma Engineering is to manufacture products and services for radiological equipment used in industry and medicine.

Our goal is to be a competitive and quality focused provider of products and services, who develop our services in a continuous improvement process and in close cooperation with our employees, clients and suppliers.

The quality standards are met in compliance with all the legal requirements in every area. Quality is acquired by training, understanding and communication, the following of working instructions and the obligation to meet a “zero mistake” objective.

The principles that guide us include:

1. Customer orientation: the clients set quality objectives and we provide quality products and services at a reasonable price and at the set time, as well as qualified advice on specific nuclear issues; we always aim to provide customer satisfaction.

2. The “zero mistakes” objective through detailed planning and avoidance of errors; our slogans are “Right the first time” and “Each of us is responsible for quality”.

3. Continuous improvement of business by preparing and following the working procedures and implementing valuable initiatives.

The company management is responsible for the protection of the environment, of health & safety, in both the “Laboratory with nuclear radiation source applications” and in the activities undertaken on the clients’ sites and is committed to ensure:

1. Environmental protection, especially in regard to the specific risks of the nuclear field.

2. Promotion of high performance classic and radioactive waste management.

3. Workplace safety, occupational health & safety, important tasks of the management, who ensure that they are translated into concrete objectives and targets.

4. Assessment of environmental impacts and potential hazards for the employees before using and introducing new products, services, or methods, so as to avoid environmental and health risks.

5. Collaboration and action in partnership with our clients, suppliers, and the authorities on all environmental and health & safety issues.

6. Application of preventative environmental protection measures and avoidance of any occupational accident or disease.

7. Taking responsibility for the employees who do not act in accordance with safety measures, thus becoming liable to harm themselves or others and our firm intervention when people take risks.

8. Understanding and observance of the applicable legal provisions on radiological safety, environmental protection, occupational health and safety.

In meeting these expectations, we have decided to develop and implement an integrated quality-environment-occupational health & safety management system according to the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001, SR EN ISO 14001 and SR OHSAS 18001 and the specific Quality Management Norms in the nuclear filed, that apply to our activities, products and services.