Gamma Engineering

gamma a complete range of services for the nuclear field!


Gamma Engeneering is successfully active on the relevant service and consultancy market, providing smart solutions for both medical and industrial applications, as a result of over 30 years of experience in the nuclear filed.


Gamma Engineering has had the most types of equipment licensed by the Romanian Commission for Nuclear Activities Control (CNCAN) and provides maintenance, regular checks, repairs, supply, storage and transport services in the nuclear field.


Gamma Engineering is a reliable partner providing technical and legal consultancy in the nuclear field, having all necessary logistics and updated information material, so as the identified solutions comply with the specific legislation in force. Training courses in radioprotection are offered by accredited trainers and experts of national repute, and are organised both at the new company offices and at the client’s offices.


The radioactive sources warehouse we have built and our own laboratory with a service formation have all the necessary equipment for specific activities involving radiological installations that contain radioactive sources and X-ray generators.

• Maintenance and service of equipment containing radioactive sources and X-ray generators
• Installation, assembly, and commissioning of devices containing radioactive sources and X-ray generators
• Periodical technical checks under the specific regulations in force
• Radiometric measurements under the specific regulations in force
• Determination of removable radioactive contamination (leak tests)
• Decontamination of affected surfaces and locations
• Spectral analyses
• Provision of radiation detection instruments for working with radiation sources outside Nuclear Units
• Decommissioning and treating radioactive source containing equipment as waste
• Decommissioning of radiological installations containing X-ray generators
• Imports, supplies and exports of equipment containing radioactive sources and X-ray generators
• Radiometric measurements, decontamination and determination of removable radioactive contamination for NORM and TENORM

• Maintenance and service of roentgen diagnostic equipment
• Installation, assembly, and commissioning of roentgen diagnostic equipment
• Periodical technical checks under the specific regulations in force
• Radiometric measurements under the specific regulations in force
• Decommissioning of roentgen diagnostic equipment
• Checks of removable radioactive contamination of Gamma therapy, PET-CT and SPECT-CT devices

• Technical assistance of manufacturer at installation of equipment containing radioactive sources and X-ray generators
• Diagnosis of the deficiencies noted in the normal functioning of radiological installations
• Radiological equipment repair
• Service at installation of equipment containing radioactive sources and X-ray generators
• Preventive maintenance according the manufacturer specifications and own procedures
• Radiometric measurements
• Checks of technical and functional characteristics of radiological equipment, installation and periodically checks under specific regulations in force

• Preparing the technical documentation in applying for CNCAN and ASP licenses
• Radiation shielding calculation in order to meet the radioprotection requirements
• Having the documentation endorsed by an CNCAN accredited expert
• Implementation of the quality management system in the conduct of activities involving radiological equipment containing radioactive sources and X-ray generators
• Preparation and endorsement of Operational Radioprotection Programmes
• Preparation and endorsement of Radiological Contingency Plan
• Preparation and endorsement of Working Rules in practices involving equipment containing radioactive sources and X-ray generators
• Accredited Expert services

• The Laboratory with radiation source applications has all the necessary facilities to conduct high quality work under radiological security conditions, including repairs, tests, checks, tuning of radiological equipment containing radioactive sources or X-ray generators brought in by the client
• Manufacturing-execution of equipment for the nuclear field (radiation alarms, detector probes, etc.)
• The radioactive source warehouse, an integral part of the service laboratory, serves both the laboratory activities and in the temporary storage of radioactive sources
• Designed to meet European standards, having also implemented the recommendations of an US model for an dedicated radioactive sources warehouse , the Gamma Engineering warehouse can be considered one of the largest and modern warehouses in the country, authorized or endorsed by CNCAN and ASP

• Licensed transport of radioactive material in our own vehicles
• Our staff have specialised and trained for the transport of hazardous goods, class 7– Radioactive Materials
• Our team includes counselors for dangerous goods transport, safety training certificate holders valid for Class 7 – Radioactive materials and license holders of Level 2, for Radioactive Materials Transport (TM), issued by CNCAN
• Three cars are available and authorized for transport of radioactive materials

• Review of the client’s eligibility in the light of compliance with the legislative requirements in force
• Consultancy for the identification of applicable legislative requirements
• Legislative and technical consulting in license applications
• Providing support in the submission of application files
• Assistance in solving requests from the relevant State organisations
• Assistance in preparing the response notes to relevant organisations
• Consultancy in complying with the laws and the specific requirements in force
• Accredited Expert services

• We offer courses in radioprotection, based on CNCAN-endorsed curricula, with the object of forming of knowledge and skills in the nuclear field, striking a balance between theory and practice.
• The working environment we provide is interactive, inspirational and friendly, with active trainers and appropriate training materials.
• Organised at our company offices, where we have a room with European standard equipment or at the client’s offices, training sessions include debates and practical exercises customised for the participant profiles.
• A visit to the radioactive source warehouse and practical applications in the service laboratory are some of the strengths of the courses provided by our training centre.
• The graduation diplomas are necessary in obtaining the operating permits in the nuclear filed for future designated Radiological Security Responsible persons.